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  Over the last 5 years I have had to do quite of the maintenace work myself..
I think I've photographed quite a lot of the work as I have done so, so I'm making some pages for you to see what I
Dogdragons Fireblade pages
 I have had to replace:
Fork seals
Spark Plugs
Front brake pads (X3)
Rear brake pads (X 2)
Rear Sprocket
Front Sprocket
Chain (X 3)
Oil filter (X 2)
 Four into one  Exhaust 
Oil (X 3)
I had these done by others, so no photo's:
Tyres (X 3)
Front Wheel bearings 

The "BUSTER" stickers are now gone

14,010 genuine miles - front brake discs have no lip, wiring & wiring harness not cracked

Not even a bug splat on her (that's changed)

Paintwork nearly perfect 
(couple of minor scratches at rear that will polish out I think)

Yes, regestered mobility scooter, I have skelital problems.
Best way to get around and also cures depression an many cases.
I asked my doctor to prescribe 2 a day.
When I bought this bike I only had to do a clutch adjust, chain adjustment.
It lost battery power after 23miles, so I replaced the rectifier. I tested the stator too, all good now
Runs like dream (I love it, shame my body doesn't)
I sometimes use www.honda-fireblades.co.uk/ & www.fireblades.org/ for info on this machine
(If I got thos right, when they clicl on the photo's to hit copy.... it kicks them to for lobby (could kick them anywhere really, but being polite)
T-Guard photoguard (MkI) activated (and inventing as far I know), 26-01-2017 S Broberg. ©.  World wide rights (or make your own, it is not hard for a web master)
You just wait for the Mk2 & 3... Feel to free to use idea, but please, give me some credit if you use it.... I'll let you copy and paste T the rottweiler photo's for you to use if you do, then I know I am appreciated.. (wait until I sober up for the MkII pages & photo's, I think they will make you smile when I make them.
Other things that have changed over the 5 years,
I think some one knocked it over and dentsed the tank
(same geezer who gave me grief at tescos, when getting fuel, and same fella who was at Brackley and tried to get me arrested for nothing, and same fella who was shouting slander everywhere else I went. No idea who he is, but think he's a jealous copper... or an EX copper. Not sure if it's the same person who tried to stop me getting this years Insurance {when questioned about impending traffic offences, they asked 3 times, but as I know I have had no RTA's for years, I know it must be slander again}, and this years MoT, but they failed on both parts who ever they are. If you go through what I had to replace, and how I did things, well, you'll understand how I get through the MoT's at least.)