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Headstock Bearings - Removal

Stipped of front fairings and bellypan then it had to be blocked up securely

Then I had to remove the brake calipers both sides and remove the front wheel

Then I had to prise up this which the screen bars slides into

Then romove the nut which holdt the top yoke in place. Might have been better to undo all pinch bols and slide fork legs out first. but it didn't seem to make much different

 I did that next anyway, here you can see the left fork leg has been removed and both yokes are in place

The top yoke has been removed The wock special locking rings are next to be removed
 You can either buy a special tool for these, or  in my  case a engeneering screwdrewdriver and a hammer was used

then the dust cap was removed and I could see the old style ball bearings in their race. 
New tapered roller bearings of high quality are replacing those

With the bottom yoke off you can see the lower race. I had to slip up to remove them from the shaft
I jimmied those using the engineering screwdriver and removed the lower dust cap below them

 The top bearings came out easily, the races though are a different matter. Same top and bottom. 

I put the engineering screwdriver in the lip of the races, and doing one side then the other, I tapped them out using my nylon mallet.

The race from the top. It looks easy looking at the photo's, but I can assure you it isn't that simple

Next page I will show you roughly how I fitted the new ones. That I will do another day.
Remember this is how I did things, I take no responsibilty if you try to do this after seeing these photo's.

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Fitting the new bearings
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