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Front brake pad replacement
(Spot where I learned the hard way too)
I replace all four pads from both calipers at the same time, here is just one of them shown here.
 This is what I did, if you use these photo's and information from here on your own machine, and, get it wrong, well, I take no responsibility (my disclaimer).
I first used an impact driver to loosen the dust cap bolt, then used an ordinary screwdriver to remove it.

Then I used the allen key to loosen the allen bolt. It is easier if you undo these before taking the caliper  from the lower fork leg

Then I undid the two 12mm bolts that hold the caliper to the fork leg

 I used a flat headed screw driver to move the four pistons back to allow more room for the new pads

.. best done whith the old pads rather than trying to prise them apart with the new or without pads

Then I removed the pin that holds the pads to the caliper, andI then slid the pads out from the caliper. Glad I replaced them before they bacame metal to metal, as that would have damaged the disc, which would have made the brakes less effective if not replaced at the same time. Note: I clean theose pins thoroughly and re grease them with copper slip.

New pads

New pads fitted

They slid over the disc (rotor), and I refitted the bolds, tighnened them, re tightened toe pin, and replaced the dust cover cap. pumped the break lever a few times to check the brakes were working correctly, before taking out for a short test ride.
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Photo's and words by S.Broberg
First published Aug 5th 2014 on my old facebook page. but with more info. I'll be replacing them again some more this year too, I might well replace the piston seals too this time.