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Rear Sprocket
To replace the rear sprocket, you will have to remove the wheel,

First place the machine on a  centre stand or, paddock stand. If using a paddock stand, make sure you have have it positioned well. You should be able to remove the spindle, AND get to the chain adjuster bolt and nuts

Place a 22mm socket or spanner on the nut above (you can lock that into place)

After removing the spindle clip (if you have one), and undoing the 27mm nut, I used a very large engineering screwdriver, as a drift and a nylon hammer, to remove the rear spindle, once that is done, the rear wheel can be romoved easily

Remove the 5 nuts that secure the sprocket to the wheel and wiggle it free

Place new sprocket onto the stunds, and put the nuts on (I find it's easier to wait until the wheel is fitted, and the paddock stand removed, the bike in gear, before torquing them down properly.
To replace wheel, just reverse the steps above, make sure you have the spacers on the correct side of the wheel, or the wheel will not turn when clamped down, also make sure the caliper bracket is in the groove on the right side of the swinging arm

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