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New Chain & Sprocket(s)
To replace the chain:

First place the machine on a  centre stand or, paddock stand. If using a paddock stand, make sure you have have it positioned well. You should be able get to the chain adjuster bolt and nuts

First I loosend the spindle nut, and it is a good idea to change the chain adjuster to allow a shroter chain, as the new one will be (or should be) shorter than the streached one I had on here (see above photo)
I then used a small grinder to remove the rivets on one (or two) of the chain pins

Then with the chain splitter/riveter set for pin removal mode, I turned the handle and the pin(s) fall on the floor on the other side

Simple eh?

I find this is the easy way to feed in the new chain through, make sure the back wheel can spin and the machine is in neutral, then pull the old chainoff (pull on the end of the old one, not the end of the new one!, I don't know, some of you drive me nuts sometimes)

Pull the chain tight,. Sometimes you find you have too much chain left and have to remove a link or two, but this is the position you'll need to fit in the new hard link. Do not forget to put the four O rings in place.

Change the riveter/splitter tool to rivit, then press the new plate into position, you should have a littl bit of both pins showing eqal lengths before you....

Rivet, Rivet. (you should get a good mushrooming effect when you tighten the handle) and re set chain adjustment  (I'll make another page for that later maybe, but it is the same as the Kawasaki one I put on thie site years ago) then test.

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