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Blown Exhaust and replacement stainless four into one
I heard it go on my way to blow the new computer for the web site, but couldn't see where it had blown, I knew it was near the head due to the amount of flames I could see behind the fairings on the way home. So Ordered a new four into one, it tooks 6 weeks to arrive as they had to build it from scratch, it cost me about 300 pounds, but it was worth while
Here you can see the problem

It took a while to get that far, I'd had to block up the machine, remove the fairings, and undo the mountings on the radiator, I left the radiator hoses connected to save time on the rebuild and extra cost for replacment coolent.
I then undid the 8 nuts from the exhaust manifold, and the tho bolts that secure the rest of the system to the frame.
Considering the machine was 21 years old, I don't think it was too bad.

I then removed the can from the old downpipes for re use.

Then I had to dig out the old exhaust gaskets

insert the new gaskets, I smeared with grease 
to hold it into position... it's fiddly, they fell out a few times, 

and it took quite a while to get them in there 

at the same time as getting the new four into one stainless downpipes in at the same time... on my own, but I managed it somehow.. Start on the left hand side if your trying it yourself
(second time for me after helping a friend fid his a few weeks earlier)

I'd put this bolt in first, but did not tightenen it untill I had all 8 exhaust nuts and 4 clamps tight

When I had all nuts tight, I tightened the remaining bolt up

I re fitted the radiator next, Think it was three or four bolts holding that in place

Then re fitted the can, and the rest of the fairings

Glad I had the Kawasaki GPX750R on the road at the time, 6 weeks with no bike would have been a nightmare

I'll be putting a section up in here showing the work that went into it, before I sold it... and bought it back again later,I've now rebuilt the top end of the engine, and it needs putting into the frame. Then I got to get a new V5 as it was stolen in the post or at DVLA. you can not phone them to talk to them which made it hard.. so when it gets insured and goes through it's first MoT after the rebuild.
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Photo's and words by S.Broberg
First published on my old facebook page April 25th 2014, with new information here.
If I remember, I'd saved up the cash to buy the exhaust, but the GPX came up at the same price, I had to get that through a MoT before I could use it, but there were no rear suspension bearings, the front wheel needed balencing and it rattled a bit under pressure, but it got me through until the blade got back on the road.