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Oil Change
 Underneath the engine you locate the sump drain plug/bolt, Place a suitable container underneath it remove the plug. 

Best done when the engine is cold, as the oil gets hot when the engines been running and you usually end up with oily hands

I got a free oil filter tool when I bought the new filter, but these are good to have, a lot easier than the chain type (got one of those somewhere too), again, it's best having a suitable container underneath, as the filter does still quite a lot of oil even after the sumps been drained. Take used oil for recycling at your local main recycle station as soon as you can 

Using a good wrench undo the filter

 Fill with the right type here (see above)
check level often, remember too much can be worse than too little too, it can blow oil seals

 Checking the dip stick, note, The bike should be straight when checkin, no at an angle (like your sidestand) the level should be between the raised points on the stick, Best to clean it before you test.

That is the right sort of level, replace in engine, and job done

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