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Fork Seals
I've already blocked up the front end of the machine, removed the wheel and braking system, undone the pinch bolts on the yolks, and undone the allen bolt underneath the bottom of the legs, and drained the oil into a container to go to the recycle point, new for oil comes later
I have placed the leg into my vice in my workshop and undone the cap so you can now see the internals

Here, you can see the internals, (top) and the externals (bottom), I have peeled off the spring that holds the dust cap, and popped that from the lowere leg (I call them Staunchions as they was the word we used when I was young..er)

Roemvoving the spring clip that holds the seal in place using a screwdriver

Holding the lower part of the leg firmly, using your knees and feet, or the vice, a few sharp pulls on the upper part of the leg, and the seal pops out, and the upper part comes free from the lower part.

 I used a flat head screwdriver to open the split in the retaining clip and the copper bush, then slip off  the washer and the old seal.

I then slipped over the new seal on from the bottom, 

replaced the washer, copper bush and clip

Sliding the upper part of the leg into the lower part, I slid the new seal up the upper part, and replaced the spring clip

Then sliding down the internals, making sure the collar with a split in, is in the correct position the spring and the sleeve go in first

Then I replaced the allan bolt which connect the lower part of the internals, and secure them to the lower. 

and pushed down hard on the top part.. It leaked worse than Watergate & wikki combined.

I recommend buying genuine Honda parts... I did second time around, I did the same as shown above, and have had no problems since

This is what I did, if you use these photo's and information from here on your own machine, and, get it wrong, well, I take no responsibility (my disclaimer).
 Not I had to measure the amount of fork oil in each leg before putting the cap at the top or the legs, it is different between different years I think, so best get a manual if doing your own. 1 mm difference in each will affect performance, same when you put the legs back into the yokes.
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Photo's and words by S.Broberg
First puplished on my old facebook page June 13th 2013, with new information here.