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 What the Regulator rectifier dies is to remove excess electricity from the system. The generator puts out a certain amount, and more when you open the throttle which makes the generator spin faster. without this, you blow fuses, bulbs and probably the other electrical components too. So it is important. The way it disposes the excess electricity is by heat, which is why they get hot.
 The regulator Rectifier is located behind the right hand side side panel. 
 I kept losing battery power which is usually a sign of a reg/rec failure. You usually smell then they burn out. This one was a cheap pattern part reg rec and was not the first to fail. The first one to go melted the connector block as well the reg rec.
 I undid the two bolts which hold the reg rec in place.
 I'd done a bit of a bodge when replacing it. I'd cut the block in half as one side was usable, the other side, melted badly. I had replaced the connectors where the three wires from the stator connector, and insulated them. These get very hot and the insulation had melted which made them short circuit. 
 Sorry if the photo is a bit out of focus, but you can see the damage
 I removed the old connectors which are female spade type, and snipped off the rest of the plastic connector block
I bought a reg rec from wemoto which came with a new connector block as well as the reg rec.  I put the block into the reg rec just loosely, as I only needed to make sure I put the spade connectors into the right hole, with the reg/rec upside. 
 I slid the earth and live terminals into the correct holes which are at the back, and clicked them into position
 When you but the reg/rec with the connector block, you get 5 spade type connectors. 2 brass for the live and earth, and the three for the stator wires, you break them to separate them
 I used a set of needle nose pliers to bend the end taps over the plastic insulation covering the wires, then used a crimping took to clamp the other tab which are metal to metal ensuring the electricity passes through the wire to the connector
 I then slid the connectors into the block
 I then wrapped some insulation tape over the exposed wires in the connector block, slid the connector block into to reg/rec and bolted it back into position.
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