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Sorry ist has been a while, but I was on a bit of a mission. You might have seen the old shed was looking a bit sad and a little depressive to work in. I couldn't work in there in winter either due to the cold and my fingers do not work in the cold! So I spent all the time I had in there. That is why there are now updates. I did do Cassington and still have to do the usual research. I was unable to walk around as much as I did in the past either due to the state of the body I am in. Still can't find another on e bay, but I'll keep looking. Now I have finished in the shed for now. I do still need to d a bit on the roof but not in this weather. England... rain. nothing knew
After Winter version can remove window panel insulation for summer

Also I bought a diesel heater which I will have yet to fit
 Sad to say I did miss a few things recently, another problem I had was my bank card stopped working in shops, contactless then even with the pin number. I ordered another and the fella I spoke to on the phone didn't bother to actually send me a replacement and blocked an old card.. At least I can get things online, but can't buy any fuel for the bike, so bit of a nightmare. At least I can order food, beer parts, and everything I needed to do the shed, but no fuel is a problem. I do have a little but not enough to go do shows. I did get back in touch with the bank and hope I got it sorted and I should have a new one soon, or I'll probably change banks... nearest branch now is about 150 miles away since they shut a lot of branches but that is why I couldn't just walk in to grab some cash while I waited. Such is life 
A little more updated page on my blade pages and I still have to add more to that yet, cam chain change and brake caliper seals I did recently so click the photo if you want to check it. Easier for mobiles now I hope
Have fun 
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