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First published at the days of when I had "www.thebikersshed.force9.com"

 I''m, in my very early 40's, Single, and I'm disabled, and I've broken too many bones to mention, all my bits are there but serious pain stops me from working properly.
 I've had an L4/L5 fusion to the spine; broken left knee and have two types of artheritus and the knee cap it'self is 1" higher than it should be; I've broken both my collarbones which are beyond repair the doctor told me; I've broken my left wrist which has now a bit of metal holding it together, and survived an axe in the head, and yes, I still ride when I can.
 I've been riding motorcycles since I was about 16, a bit earlier if you count a few lessons off road. 
 I've had over 30 bikes in my time, including chops, road bikes, and I've even had a on/off road machine (Bombardier).
 I got into the the biker scene in Wantage in about '79, then, in Reading from '81 untill '87, I used to ride lots around the south,just for fun and meeting other bikers. I went to a few Kent custom shows, and went to lots of rock concerts.   (drinking in the Target, and the Boars Head),
 I've helped the community lot's doing things like the Abingdon Motorcycle Project, which was teaching kids how to maintain motorcycles, and to learn (off road) safely, and The Oxford toy-run from '99 to 2001 (www.oxtoyrun.org.uk/toy/toyrun.html) while I was setting up thebikersshed.com..
 I've worked on the Kennett and Avon Canal and on norrowboats, including the gas and electric's, not just engines, but I have done a bit on diesel engines too, helping a couple of vintage busses and a couple of narrowboat engines that some of my friends had, as well the usual petrol motors. 
 Before I got the back problems, I'd also worked as a, charge hand at Nabisco's in Reading where I used to drive a 9.5 tonne Hi-racker forklift., I've been a security guard, laborer, and on scaffolding. Not to mention loads of warehouses, while working for agencies.

Yes I have got a bike license, and believe it or not, it's clean.
This is my Kawasaki GPZ RX1000 (ZX10a)
Browse further  on my site and you might find photo's of my A.J.S. (even if there's no photo's of the Guiller published yet)
 I'm not racist, sexist or politically minded, Neither is my site! It's just Motorycles!
 If you want to talk to me about religion, ask me when we're dead, there'll be plenty of time for that then. If you want to talk Bikes, I'll chat if I got time.
 Whatever you do, try to have fun (and don't get caught!)

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