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 The web site was designed for computers back in '98 after  suffering a few major injuries, and had been told I'd never be able to ride a bike again, I decided to make the site so I could stay intouch with the bike scene, and, because there ware no other web site like mine (we did a lot of research on that back then)  so I starting building the "bikersshed. com" I renamed "dogdragons  scrapbook" in 2001, and then renamed it "dogdragons world of motorcycles" in 2002 as it got a bit too big for a scrapbook. I was using Freeuk.net until 2006, when, it got too big to fit in the they allowed for a free website, and they would not allow links to the bike companies, I had typed in the address, so you could copy and paste them into your browser to get around that problem. I moved to UK2.Net. That was 2006. Since 2006, I have added active links, and, checked every link personally. The smartphone companies had also set up their software to recognize phone numbers, so, from that moment onwards, it became a smartphone ap. Even if I didn't know it at the time. Many people thought it didn't work, but, as the photo to the right shows, they just forgot to turn their phones 90 degrees. 

 There are no ads, no trackers, I do not ask for card details, and I do not keep records of any of the owners of the machines featured in the website. So. Even though it comes up as an unsecured site on Google, it is 100% safe.
 I used to teach Motocross and bike maintenance to kids, and, as I wanted the kids to be able to use the site, there is no swearing of porn of any kind. Only nipples you'll find are bleed niples and  Spoke nipples.

"The Management" at dogdrgons.com

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 It has been some time since I updated this page. There was a good reason for it. As you might know, from previous pages, I found a few hackers in my FTP suite a couple of years ago, I didn't want them to know my plans for the website this year. I got their IP address, back then, and, in some cases, I tracked the computers to their sources. I then blocked all those IP address from accessing the web site, as well finding how to stop anyone getting access to the FTP in the future. They got upset about this, and someone tried to steal the website completely. Pretending to my host that they owned it, and they were taking it over. My host would not let them, I'm the one who designed the site, I'm the one who did the uploads, the photo's and, I paid all the bills over the years.They have also hacked my personal computer, and even got into my bank account wheich, they failed to get any money from as I was watching them like a hawk anyway. Now, having stopped them from stealing the website as it is, they had a copy ready to use, but, I hear it wouldn't work for them the links wouldn't work. They have also been claiming to be me in e mails I have been told. Not sure if that is true. The hackers had been slandering me and trying to defame me for a few years, and, they then stepped their smear campeign. Even in online gaming, telling people I was a junkie, a drug dealer, an idiot and all sorts of things like that. I'm sure they tried to get me arrested several times, but, failed as I am not a junkie, or a dealer. I have no criminal record or mental issues they can use against me, so I still have my freedom, and, my bike licence. I'd love to sue them over these issues, and will do if I can get the evidence to pin on them. A little birdie tells me that the main person for all these attacks has realised he/she is liable for the slander and defamations and, has gone to ground somewhere.As at three of the computers I found in the FTP suite were owned by members of a locam MCC, and, the website was messed in a way to make me look worse, dand they deleted some of the Toyrun pagers from the early days. I have deleted all mention of such club. After all, it that's they way they treat people who helped them, they have no place in here.
 I have funded this website personally since 1998, paid for the computers, the cameras, the bikes, the tools, and the hours of time it took to build the site over the last 21 years. Now, for the first time I have given you the chance to kip in. I have been registered disabled since 1997. They can't or won't fix my back, or my shoulders. So, I can't go to work like normal folks, and due to pain, I can't guarentee that I can get to shows or events I'd like to got to, I can't even guarentee when I'll be able to concentrate on web building. I do what I can, when I can. If it's not good enough for you folks out there.... tough!
S. Broberg AKA Si Dogdragon
Owner, builder, designer, photographer, mechanic, cameraman, editor,CEO cleaner, tea boy.
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