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The web site was designed for computers back in '98 after  suffering a few major injuries, and had been told I'd never be able to ride a bike again, I decided to make the site so I could stay in touch with the bike scene, and, because there ware no other web site like mine (we did a lot of research on that back then)  so I starting building the "bikersshed. com" I renamed "dogdragons  scrapbook" in 2001, and then renamed it "dogdragons world of motorcycles" in 2002 as it got a bit too big for a scrapbook. I was using Freeuk.net until 2006, when, it got too big to fit in the they allowed for a free web site, and they would not allow links to the bike companies, I had typed in the address, so you could copy and paste them into your browser to get around that problem. I moved to UK2.Net. That was 2006. Since 2006, I have added active links, and, checked every link personally. The smart phone companies had also set up their software to recognize phone numbers, so, from that moment onwards, it became a smart phone ap. Even if I didn't know it at the time. Many people thought it didn't work, but, as the photo to the right shows, they just forgot to turn their phones 90 degrees. 
 So You have some of the history on how long I've been building and publishing the site. There has been some slander saying I am not physically disabled.  It is just slander. I have won four tribunal when Atos was around. I have a degenerative spinal a and skeletal problems, so I have high rate mobility and low rate care disability allowance. Some of  that money I have used to build the whole site, the computers, the cameras, the bike and spares, the software, and the web sites host.  I was hoping to go professional many years ago, but for reasons I will not go into, it was not possible to do so. 
 21 years experience in web building and design. Hours spent in research, and even more in photo shop, more trying to keep the directories as up to date as I can, all to try to keep my web site near the top when it comes to motorcycle information and contacts. Some of it has been fun, a lot of it has been very boring, but, I think it's been worth it. If you agree, and especially if I have helped your business get more customers, or, even just if you like the information my site has given you, you can now show your appreciation by donating some cash. I can survive with out, but, it is still a struggle, so it will be appreciated even if it is a small donation.
 I don't think its a bad site myself, but, I might be a little biased there, as I made it, and it's all my own work. From design to photography, to editing, to mechanics in most pages, the research on bikes, the research on finding shops that are still running, the surfing to find their web sites, checking the phone numbers, and to publishing them. I had to learn a lot of things to make it run. I probably still have loads yet to learn too.  Better than sitting moaning about the pain or watching t.v. I think.
Now do I mention I would like the cash for a fighting fund to take on the slander cases, and the defamation cases I'd like to start?

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