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 A Dogdragon  special:
Steves Suzuki  GSXR 1100

550 BHP
Gas flowed
VeryHigh Lift cams and Valve springs
Nitrous Oxide
Vance and Hines Exhaust System
" Just get it to 180MPH then hit the button, 230 and still accelerating when I had shut it down
I've got plans to test on the measured mile, then we'll know" Steve.
As you know I'm not one who likes to typing in all the info, but here I've made an exception for this machine, I just hope I haven't missed anything


Scroll down for what's hiding under there
8" extended swinging arm to lessen wheelies


This collects excess oil when NOs is used

This stops the engine jumping out of gear

These last one session

The Nitrous Oxide bottle, leves her to....
here, you need 120 PSI in the bottle

then here (just behind the carbs)

then to

into the carbs

The system has to be purged of air before

You hit the white button to engage the Nitrous Oxide, best done at 180MPH 
Steve says, Awsome 
The Brain of the machine

The white button (bottom right) = NOs