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  Over the last 7 years I have had to do quite of the maintenace work myself..
I think I've photographed quite a lot of the work as I have done so, so I'm making some pages for you to see what I
Dogdragons Fireblade pages
 I have had to replace:
Fork seals
Spark Plugs
Front brake pads (X4)
Rear brake pads (X 3)
Rear Sprocket
Front Sprocket
Chain (X 4)
Oil filter (X 4)
 Four into one  Exhaust 
Oil (X 5)
Headstock Bearings
Cam Chain
I had these done by others, so no photo's:
Tyres (X 5)
Front Wheel bearings 

The "BUSTER" stickers are now gone

14,010 genuine miles - front brake discs have no lip, wiring & wiring harness not cracked

Not even a bug splat on her (that's changed)

Paintwork nearly perfect 
(couple of minor scratches at rear that will polish out I think)

Yes, regestered mobility scooter, I have skelital problems.
Best way to get around and also cures depression an many cases.
I asked my doctor to prescribe 2 a day.
I sometimes use www.honda-fireblades.co.uk/ & www.fireblades.org/ for info on this machine