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Dogdragons Moto-Guzzi Photos'
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Breva 750

V7 Racer (Now with link to u tube clip)

Le Mans 1000 (Now with link to u tube clip)

California EV

Griso 8V

850 Le Mans II (Now with link to u tube clip)

850 T3 California (Now with link to u tube clip)

1000 SP (Now with link to u tube clip)

850 Le Mans III

V7 700cc


V5 Monza (Now with link to u tube clip)
1957 Lodola 

1972 Nuovo Falcone

Aironi 250 1953
Some Moto-Guzi Links:
Moto Guzzi Owners Club
Moto- Guzzi club co.uk
Moto Guzzi -U tube


Hand picked U tube Clips
V8 Bill Lomas
Normale 498.4cc 1921-24
Sport 13 1921
Sport 14 498.4cc 1929-30
Sport 15 498.4 cc 1931-39
GT-17 499cc 1932-39
Airone Astorino 246cc 1939-57
Airone 246cc 1939-57
Alce Militare 498.4cc 1939-45
Dondolino 499cc 1946-51
Astor 498.4cc 1949 1953
Galletto 159/175/192cc 1950-66
Falcone 499cc 1950-67
Zigolo  98cc 1953-66
Cardellino 65cc 1954-56
Cardellino 73cc  1956-62
Lodola 175cc 1956-66
Lodola GranTurismo 235cc 
Stornello 123.1cc 1960-75
Stornello 160, 160cc 1960-75
Stornello 125, 123.1cc 1960-75
Dingo Mk3 50cc 1963-76
Trotter Special M 48.89cc 1966-73
V7 sport 703 cc 1967-77
V750 Ambassador 757cc 1968-72
Nuovo Falcone 499cc 1971-76
Le Mans 850 844.05cc 1975-78
Ercole 500?

248 cc racer - 1954
Notes: Dates & Model names mainley taken from wikki.
Models change slightly through the years so there will be some differences.... I couldn't go through all the models, let alone  all the variations of each model, but you get a rough Idea I hope.
I just found the links & put them in, I just take it that those who put the video clips put them out there to be shown, not hidden. So if you got any complaints, keep them to yourselves.
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