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B.S.A. Photo's Pre 1950
 1920 Model K
 1927 S27/28
 1930 S30
1931 S31
1934 Bluestar
1936  Y13 750cc
1937 Empire Star
1937 Empire Star - Race replica
1938 Gold Star
1940 B29
1944 M20 126,000 produced
1946 C10
1949 B31
1949 C11
B32 Competition 1946-1957 
A basic history of B.S.A. Motorcycles up to 1950:
1910  B.S.A. produced it's first full motorcycle.
Previously you could have bought rolling chassis and put Minerva engines in as many did
the model had 3.5 H.P. engine, was chain driven, had a magnito and sprung forks.
They began to sell well within the 1st six months, tank colours were yellow and green
1915 there was now a choice of engine, a 3.4 h.p. and a 4.25 h.p this was designed to pull the weight of a chair. 
it also had a B.S.A. 3 speed gearbox and a foot controlled clutch. 
Both were available as belt or chain driven the chain driven costing an extra £3. 5 shillings
1915-1919, no production of motorcycles
1919-1924 Model A - 770cc  V twin Side-valve
1920 They acquired a designer from Daimler (Harold Briggs)
1925 B.S.A. became a private company
1927 1935 S or Sloper series 
1928 They produced a two stroke 175cc it was the only true 
B.S.A. two stroke built. (Bantams are a different breed)
1930-1935 G30-G35 - 985cc V twin Side-valve
1934-1936 J34, J35 & J12 - 499cc V twin Overhead valves
1936-1938 Y13 748cc V twin Overhead  valve
1937 Wal Handley laps Brooklands averaging over 100 M.P.H.
1938 Gold star available, & the first of the C10 250's
1939 first of the C11 250 250cc overhead valves, 
B.S.A. now owned 67 factories across the UK 
1944 M20 produced for the MoD & B.S.A. bought Ariel
1946 new competition range, more chrome & new the 350cc B31's
1947 first of the A7s, produced & Bantams (page yet to be built) 
1950 the famous Goldern Flash
B.S.A. 1950-1965
B.S.A. 1965-1972
B.S.A. Bantams
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I am not listing all the B.S.A. Models, I will leave that to Wiki. Just the one's I have photographed and a few that are interesting

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