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World of motorcycleS
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Top list: 
Manufactueres of Motorcycles & three wheeled vehicles, 
Dogdragons links to Manufacturers main web site
Second list (scroll down):
List of Motorcycle manufacturers, present and past.
Dates & links to manufacturers & other web sites
Along with some special Dogdragon pages 
Year (If known)
Owners clubs or other site
Qlink (?) ??-onwards .
Quadrant (England) 1901-1929 Dogdragons photo's: Quadrant 3HP
1903 2hp - Yesterdays
1919 565cc - Yesterdays
Quagliotti  (Italy) 1902-1907 .
Quantel - Cosworth (England) ???? .
Quantya (Switzerland) ?-Onwards quantya.com
dogdragons photo's
Quasar (England) 1980s Dogdragons photo's
Qingqi  (Jinan)(China) 19??-onwards .www.qingqi.com.
Soz, can't find UK or world site
QuiperMotor (Argentina) 2009 - onwards
Quirks  (Australia) 1913-1915
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