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1902 1st motorcyle with  Kerry Engine
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Gracesguide - Ariel_Motors_(J.S.)
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A quick Ariel History (website)
A quick History (facebook)
3.5h.p. 1919 (1913?)
1922 Model C
1927 Model E
1928 Model E
1934 Square four F4 600cc (1932-40)
Red Hunter VH - 1932-59
194? W/NG
1942 W/NG R.A.F.
1947 VCH Competition
Square four Mark I 1949-53
Ariel Square four MkII 1953-59
VB 600cc 1947-58
 HT5 1954
 Leader 1958-65
Arrow 1959-65
Arrow racer 1961
Square four Swinging arm version 1950's

Ariel Ad 1953

Note according to the UKwikki  willi the 3.5 H.p was only availabie 1913 but the owners club say it is a 1919 machine
the square four was post wwII, but owners say there was one fre warII
(maybe re plated after coming back from the 1st WW
most machines were requesitions for the effort and returned to the owner or owners family sfter
Wikki do not mention the model C or the VCH
Although I try my best to identify each models, I can not guarantee they are correct.
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