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1921 ABC Sopwith

Originally named All British (Engine) Co, later became ABC Motors
1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices see the 1917 Red Book
By agreement with Granville Bradshaw, Walton Motors acquired the aeronautical rights to the A.B.C. Aero Engines,
including Dragonfly, Wasp and Gnat. ABC Motors owned the majority of shares in Walton Motors.
1919-20 ABC design of motorcycles produced by Sopwith Aviation Co.
1919. Walton Motors Ltd manufacturers of aero engines.
1919 Public company ABC Motors (1920) Ltd floated to acquire as a going concern ABC Motors.
1920 The Sopwith company went into liqudation.
1920 Harper Bean acquired a holding in ABC (1920) Motors Ltd (44 percent of the shares).
1920 In the November of that year they exhibited a lightweight car with two seats and a 'dickey' at the Motor Car Show at Olympia and the White City.
1923 Output of all ABC motorcycles in the UK came to an end although the French company Gnome and Rhone continued to build these motorcycles under licence until 1925.
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