History of the Vikings

Floki Vilgerdason
860 (date according to  Magnus)-  Earns the name Hrafna-Floki (raven floki)
 The voyage to find Iceland
 It had already been descovered and Floki knew this.
 He heads to Shetland (plaque Girlsta loch) one of  his daughter here who drowned there Har name was Geirhild. Then to the Faroes (Sheep Island, literal translation to modern English). He lost another Daughter there. There was also a wedding there  No m. 
 He finds Iceland after the third raven does not return to the ship, and heads the wat the raven was sent, 400 kilometers later, Floki name Iceland. He, and at least two friends settle for a few years before abandoning the settlment.
(source Landnambok! written 1130? & Vikings, by M. Magnusson)

 No Still no lodestones at this period, hence the use of the Ravens. Yet a certain popular TV series claim that a Ragnar had one for the Lindesfarne raid in 793. 

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