History of the Vikings

Rollo (Hrolfr) 846-930 
 A very large man, too big to fit on a horse they say 
 Took an early career of piracy in the Baltic. 
 Later he dicided to steal Harrold Finehairs cattle, got himself outlawed and had to leave. Sorry I don't have exact dates
On page 53 of the Heimskringla, you find Hroflr being banished (King Finehair was in the Netherlands then. Moer.), then sailing to the Hebredies, before making his way to Normandy, France. 
876 Seized RouenEdmond! 
885-6 According to the stories, Did the Seige of Paris along side Sigfred & Sinric. although I could not find mention in the book or in the wikki concerning the Siege of Paris, I have seen some clips giving Rollo the glory. According to some sources, no one survived from the French side.
  Left unattended (Rollos' forces being around the area, but not in the island itself), Paris was re taken, and then forticicarions built. check the wikki : en.wikipedia.org./wiki/Siege_of_Paris_(885-86)
918 Signed the treaty with King Charles the third   King of France/Italy & Gemany
 It is said, that the meeting was chaple in St Clair-sur-Epte N14 between Paris & Rouen. Charles gives them the lands they had already  seized, and when the king gave his foot to be kissed, which was the custom when talking to kings in that time, Rollo, bent down, grabbed of the foot, then stood up. I mentioned that Rollo was a big man, and much merryment was taken sing the king hanging upside down (or at least putting on his backside)
Had a son called William Longsword
 There is a rumour that although Rollo had turned Christian, he reverted to his pagan ways on his deathbed, and killed as many of the priests he could of those nearby.