History of the Vikings

 I have learned a little about Ragnars early days. The are in Sweden where they think he grew up, Son of one of the leaders in an area Called Gum. In Ragnars days, the area was called Bones. It is situated near the South shore of the lake of Varnern
Ragnars Father
Sigund Ring (died around 798). Possibly the viking that raided Lindesfarne
Ragnars wive(s)

Ragnar married the same her three times they say.
Remember, that to the men in this region treat their wives as equals, she earned her name and her name became one of the "great houses" 
Ragnars sons:
Bjorn Ironside
Ubbi (Note, Ubbi is not Ragnars, he is father is Halald Finehair of Norway(p71 Hheimskringla)
After reading the Hheimskringla, you find there are manyerrors in the series. At least we know there were at least two Ragnars, as both Rykill and Rothbrok are listed in the Hheimskringla. I have shown as many of the sons of Finehair as I can. There are 11 wives not listed though.

There might have been more, but these are the ones we read about in our history books.
Weather Ragnar had any other siblings I do not know. If I find of any, I'll  add them at a later date
 What is written in the history books concerning the of Ragnar, the first date I found was the date of the Paris raid, 
  845 AD. it is said that that he entered the Seine with 120 ships. The French had a leader called Charles the Bald. Ragnar attacks on Easter Sunday. Charles split his forces over both sides of the Seine, Ragnar chooses the smaller side, routs it, then hangs 111 prisoners in full sight of Charles until Charles decides to pay 7,000 Lbs. of silver The first time Danegeld is ever been paid.
 It is the same date that King Horik  raided Hamburg.

 Ragnar does not featur much in Magnos Magnusson's book, until he is mentioned in the Ubbi/Ivar/Bjorn accounts. Here is mt Ficticous account of what MIGHT of happened.

 Ragnar being from the Bone region of Sweden, and being a son of  Sigmund Ring (not sure if he was the only son, as the main part of the lands Sigund had end up in the hands of King Godfred, either he's been bequethed the region, or something else hapenned either way, Ragnar is never leader there as far we can see
After the Paris raid, Ragnar returns to his home in Gum  in Sweden(it probably had a different name before the tree is brought there), and settles down a very rich man. 
 No longer does he venture raiding.  time passes and eventually, as he hears about his three sons exploits, he is very proud. . The people, who probably respect him, at the same time of being  a bit jealous. The three return with a gum tree, which was picked up by Bjorn on his travels. The bones to make glue are nor getting scarce and people now are getting bonuses for one they find whenn tilling the land, so that gum tree is supposed to be the replacement. How good a glue it made compared to the old bone method I can not say, but if it would not do the job well enough, well, that could have had consequences 
and depending as he was treating them, if he was treeating them as nothing better than slaves, they would have started to hate him.
 Now getting very old, and no longer the strong man he had been in his youth, and after over eating and drinking for some years, the fruits of the his share of the  7,000Lbs of silver taken after the raid on Paris (probablty less as he would have had to split it the rest of the party, probablt taking the lions share, so wI'll say 3.5 LBS of silverI think, plus probably some of the other raids on monestaries I have listed elsewhere. 
 UNTIL... he boasts that as his three sons are all kings, he must be a God. same as some of those Roman Emperors thoght they were Gods. The people ask him to miricles that Ragnar could not "God?" they cry "You say your are a God?, (probably laughing), "Tell us great Ragnar
 I read later, that Having upset King Finehair, by sending his troops to support the wrong side at the first battle with Denmark, against Finehair, Ragnar loses the Bonuses, and  is given Iceland/Hring)  (p70 Hheimskringla). 

866 Ragnar in England. Some are still not sure if this is the same Ragnar that did the Paris raid, but IF it was him, then we get to add the Osbert/Aella part of the story Although I should point out there is no evidence to support this.
 It is possible that Ragnar was in England. We do know from putting little bits of imformation together that three brothers were in the Cambridge area, and they moved up North to join the hoarde. It is said the three were Ragnars sons, Halfdan, Ivar (the boneless) and Ubbi ( there are conflicting names for many, some were called different names in different places, I have had the same problems having many nick names owhich depend on where you met me and what years).
869 King of the Angles Edmund gets killed by Ivar and Ubbi, two of Ragnars sons. There is little for sure about Ragnar in the UK, he's name would have been well known and would have been on a wanted poster if they existed at the time. The story concerning him being thrown into the snake pit is just that, a story.

Now if you it is up for the reader to make his/her own mind on this part. Maybe he went home a rich man after the Paris raid and left his sons to make their own minds up on how to make their own mark ion the world. Known history says they DID!.
 It seems that it was not a mistaken case of them thinking that the Ragnar had been killed, in the book, Magnus says they mistakingly been told that Ragnar had been killed and Aella was killed in revenge. No. It's Edmund, he refuses to renounce Christ, so he gets used for target practice, and his head chopped of, which get's thrown into the forrest. his flesh pierced many times as it his skin was flapping in the breeze, like an Eagles wing, which is as close as you get to the "   Blood Eagling" 
860 or 870 Thing change in Denmark and Norway drasticly after the battle of    There is still conjucture as to the exact dat of this battl, many say 870, Magnus said he thinks 860 is closer to mark. Fact is, no one is 100% sure.

King of Wessex  at the time, Ethelred (the unready)
Bergred it is said was king of Mercia, but he fled to Rome
Earl (Jarl) Ragvold was leader of Denmark
No Norway at the time, two kings from two little countries called Vestfold, and the other Agdir (can't find much online for those). Ragnar would have seen many kings come and go, how many he heard of we can but guess. I'll have to add links to the web pages with the lists of kings and queens of the area... or make my own... I'll make my own
 It's not as easy as it sounds. I'd love to do it with just one page and have columns for Sweden, Germany, France etc... but it does not work that way.well not easily... columns of viking lords, and lists from the other side maybe? 

 Now, when I check the wikki for AEfflaed, it come up as Queen, not King, and she only raigned for less than a year. in 840 (resigned) So there is something else that seems to be cleared up. 840 was busy (839, Wiglaf, Wigmund '39-40, Wigstan 840, AEfflaed 840 a Queen, then Beorhtwulf if you read the Wikki for Monarchs of Mercia)
 This really plays havoc with the storyline as we had it. I knew there ware no Blood Eagling. That just got added by others afterwards, probably by Christians who wanted to make the Vikings appear worse than they were, I can't see why though, they sound bad enough as it is.