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Trikes, well they be car or bike engined, they are  a part of the motorcycling scene. I can see myself owning another one day.
 I'm not going to write much more than that. Instead I'm going to let the photo's do the speaking for me, I might make a small comment, as usual.
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 From the pioneering days of vehicles, .... the
de Dion Bouton (1898-1904)
Here are a few  trike links
The Red Barons Trikers page, Some good photo's of loads of trikes
www.uktriker.co.uk UK trike info & forum
www.customtrike.co.uk A heavy weight trike
festersfantasy & festers latest trike you can find at: a trike builders pages showing how he builds them, well take a look.
 Some other Trike builders:
Boom Trikes (UK) Ltd
Axe Customs
BadAssTrikeCompany.webs.com cool mid-engined VW trike kits
www.thetrikeworks.co.uk/ Trikes sales and repairs and more
www.triketrader.co.uk/, when I checked this site there wasn't a lot for sale, but you'll find out the laws concerning trikes in the uk if you need to know.
I better not to forget the brothers of the third wheel either, Hi lads (& Lass') good site!
For more check the custom index my A-2-Z
Here's a builder who has taken a slightly different route. Check kudos.denise-randle.co.uk/
Bike Based Trikes

For wheelchair users, the Martin Conquest 
Wheel in and ride off....with style too!

Harley Davidson - with Automatic gearbox

Kawasaki /Apex

Honda ON01

another nice kwaka shafty

Here's a one off:, although I thought they came in pairs

Harley-Davidson powered solo trike.

Car  Based Trikes

One of my favourites

Colossus - JET & V8 powered

Mustang V8

V8 with NOS


One of the best VW trikes I've seen

VW dragon

VW ( Rewaco)

rewaco rf1 lt3

blue VW

Reliant engined

A Reliant conversion

One Skiddoo Based Trike. Can-Am Spyder
There are Scooter based trikes too, but as yet, I've not photo'd any
Check : www.trikemagazine.com/ for more info about trikes.
I've not read it, but my friends recommend it highly.

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