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Stolen 10th July 2011 -2:30am

My rides been Stolen 
Honda VTR1000 F (Firestorm)
1997, 105 BHP

Why  would want to spray silver onto carbon fibre cans is a mystery to me
let alone pop rivet them into a flimsy bracket.
He's changed the rear plastics & given the seat another 4" in hight

Swinging arm needed polishing

Bent levers and nasty grips, have to go
Work needed:
Wiring needs sorting, will take time, but not much cash
Indicators, none in rear as yet, also needs flasher unit.
Chain guard, will make my own from a bit of scrap stainless
Exhaust Brackets

Work I'd like to do:
Seat pad
tidying those controls and grips on the handlebars
Different footpegs
I've also got to clean the rear carb, bit of fuel starvation on rear pot
and of course a bit of a re-spray

It doesn't look much different than before looking by the photos.
If you seen it yourself before, you'd notice the difference
Progress Report
Manual - bought & read
Carbs removed/cleaned and fitted.
Flasher unit bought 
Rear & front indicators wired in 
Now have them working.
Rear light wired in correctly
Brake lights wired and tested (front & rear).
Horn re wired in and working
At least the main beam and dip were fitted correctly.
So was most of the important bits.
Exhaust brackets made
Holes in the exhaust can filled
Re sprayed (at home)
 MOT passed and taxed
 T cutting in paintwork 10hrs so far
Swinging arm polishing 9hrs so far
Handle bars replaced, new grips and levers
Home made seat
Still want....
I still want to replace lights front and rear,


Polished by hand while still in the frame

Vincent No1 bar shortened 6", new chrome/leather grips
New levers, note the 4" risers those have replaced the usual  "clip ons"
This rased the front end 2"
I made the Bracket and hanger for the left hand side from sheet metal, cut to fit then bent to shape

Making the nhe brackets for the Carbon fibre can... 2 mm stainless
shaped and curved to fit the pipe. Hand made and not a bad job either. I would have shown photo's but hit my thumb badly when shaping them.
Same for the right hand side. they don't look too pritty, but they do the job.

Spent this yr... 60.00 for 3 sets brake pads

and the seat, made from an old nylon water butt as a base
four layers of foam cut from an old bedroll
and leather from my old pair of jeans, cost me nowt that.
25th June 2011

Hand Polished forks ... Well as I had to take them out when I changed the headstock bearings...

Polished fitted (new fork seals same time the head stock bearings were replaced.

The 2011 respray
Engine No SC35E2001838
Frame No JH2SC36 A3VM001250
plate was P 740LVP
 Total written off after being stolen.
New bike later today
last updated 18-07-2011