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My page April 2017
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I've been taking a bit of time off web building this month. I have added some pages to my Fireblade pages. I'm starting to make some GPX750R pages too. 
 Most of this month I spent learniing new software which, if I get things right, I'll be using in future entries to the site
 I've just bought myself a webcam, and I'm still learning what I can and can't do with it, I also found my movie maker too, so at last I can edit some of the little movies I made.
 I still have to remove a few links I had with Facebook, but I'm in no rush to do so. Just remember, if you have read this, then, you know the rumour of my demise is a little premeture... well, very premature if you ask me, I'm in my fifties and most of my family live into their 90's, so you can expect many, many more updates in here. I do still have a Facebook page under the name Si Dogdragon, it's just the spare though, I'll not be adding any photo's of the bikes in there. I just use it as a bit of a diary.
 O.K... Time to get the bike out the shed and go do some more shopping I guess, I need some paint to re decorate my humble abode....
 Thought I'd share a few peprsonal photo's of what has been happening at dogdragons HQ recently. I have been keeping up with my  gardening, as usual, and I'm about to harvest the first crop af radishes,. as for the HQ, well I first decorated it about 18 years ago, I was happy with what I acheived and was content with it for 16 years, but, it was looking very tired, and, as I had redecorated the web site, I though it was time for a change. I spent just under one hundred pounds for paint  and materials, there was a bit of a sale on at my local Johnsons, which I took advantage of (even got enough paint to paint the outside shed/workshop too. 
 If you want to see my surroundings indoors...
Dogdragons HQ
Note: that is dogdragons HQ, not sure where S1 publishing (Oxford) headquarters is (they own dogdragons.com, annd I own both), think it's in China at the moment... different rules there.
 If you want to see the garden outdoors ...
You'll have to wait for those
 I might add another section on the history of the site how it started as the bikers shed . com and progressed to the web site a lot of you use these days. 
 (Note I'm changing internet providers tomorrow, so if you don't hear much from me for a day or two, then things went wrong (again)
Have fun 
Owner, builder, designer, photographer, mechanic, cameraman, editor,CEO cleaner, tea boy & dog trainer at

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Thought I'd mention the 1.5 million hits in the last 11 months or so., no lie from my webalizer stat reader. I don't know how namy use the site, but it is quite a few, it tells me roughly how many countries they come from too. it's global, 

(my hobby site. it is not a business' there is no advertizing, no phone line to place an order, the bank advised me not to put an account for anyone else to give me donations too, but there is an e mail address for you, si@dogdragons.com. or stores if you have a uk based, Irish based or New Zealand motorcycle business you want to list.)

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