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My page  January - April 2018
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All the Cassington photo's are now available to view. I'll probably be at  Lodgershall tomorrow. 
I'm working on the Cassington 2018 now building the 26 pages, wand adding the ones that made it into the A-2-Z, first come two Ariel Model E. One I saw another year, but forgot to add it to my Ariel page. I've added both the 1927 & '28 machines as there are a few differences. The 1928 has a fishtail exhaust and numberplate bracket from the '27 that is now 18 Ariel medels on the page and a few Ariel links.
 Next comes the Vincent Victor. Making it now 10 models on the Vincent page The only difference I can see between tha Black prince and the Victor is that the Victor does not have the panniers or rack. There might be more differences, but I I'm not aware of them.
 Next is the Leverda Jota 120". That now makes 9 models covered. The Parilla, the Mobillete and the Mosquito are just singles. They do fill a couple of gaps in the A-2-Z though.
 Not had time to finish the video yet, but it will be done intime to help promote the run in time for next year. I have learned enough about the new software to do a reasonable job at least. I have also been quite bust. I poped over to see the lads n lass' at the ds rally (I've not published the photo's in here, though, I might later) The weekend after I went to another Festival of Motorcycling at Daventry, and I've published the photo's already. I didn't do much the week afterwards, but I did make it to Cassington as usual. I'm building the pages from there at the moment. Mondays, I'll be at Ludgershall I think. 
 I'll be adding more to the Dogdragons A-2-Z of MotorcycleS soon, Last entry was from Daventrey and was another clip on machine called a Power-Pak from the 50's. 
 I went on the Donkey Run with the Wolfpack MCC again on Saturday, so, more photo's added there, as well some form the run in 2014 and the Caldarium egg run from 2014, which have been in the archives for a while. I did publish them on one of my facebook pages back the time I think.. I'm looking to see if I made to the Egg run last year too, but, I'll have to wain until later to see if I got any decent photo's and/or anything worth showing. I think I covered that on my facebook then too.
 No pet run this year, and I know I missed that one by a few hours last year. I might pop over and see the Beer Hounds at their rally this weekend.
 I did my best to fix the problem with the broken links to my youtube video concerning the eggrun, but doesn't looks like I got it to run. At least it doesn't tell anyone it is porn anymore, which is a bit better at least. 
 I'm going to test a link now. Not to the egg run, but to one of my old videos and see if I can link those still, or if there's some strange reason my own website won't let me link to my youtube channel
So Here's the how to adjust a drive chain for a Kawasaki again. Just to check the links. After checking the  link, I find it works. Not the egg run one though. So I deleted the links to that video. I might put another one together another day. but for now, I've had enough of the stress. So, time to relax and maybe have a bottle of red wine to go with the roast beef Sunday dinner. 
 What has been happening since the last entry? 
 I have been changing the head stock bearings on the fireblade (pages under construction), so I have to write up a report on that with the photo's. I also went on the Caldarium Egg run again. An annual event. I took the new bike cam with me too. Stuck on the back end and got some good footage (which are not pornagraphic in anyway shape or form despite what Sky say), and grabbed some action shots using a screen grabber to get the still into a format I can use for the site (and facebook). Although I was not able to do all of the run, I managed two thirds of it before the pain got the better of me. Besides that, the head stock bearings bedded in as predicted, but about half way through the second part. If I had gone much further, I might have damaged the new bearings too. I have done (and final, I hope) adjustment on those now, and the bike is up and back on the road. 
 I've been also having a bit of a laugh with some other photo's of me to bring you a new feature which I should reveal to you later this month  if I find the time. A "Meet the Staff" page including your favorite (or most hated in some cases I guess) presenters the tech men, etc etc that made this web site work. All of that and still trying to keep on track with the normal stuff that most of us have to do. At least it's getting closer to what I call "normal" now.
 Signed "The Management"

 Sorry about the delay up updates on this page, and on much of the rest of the web site.. I've been having a few problems here at. There's been land issues, and garden issues, a few minor bike issues to. Most of that is now over at least. I didn't get much time for my usual checking of links. It's been too cold to do much bike maintenance either. Some things I did find some time for that are web site related.
 I have bought a new bike cam, which I'm learning how to use to my advantage. I also bought myself a new laptop, both will be useful for shows and runs later this year. I have also been checking on my stats, I usually have a few slow months over the winter, and February and March was no different from most other years, except instead of my usual 130,000 hits a month, they reached around the 180,000 hits a month. I did nothing much in March, except chatting on facebook, which seems to have helped quite a lot, I reached a record amount of  hits that month, a staggering  221,631 hits. I checked the yearly records, and that topped just over 2,000,000 so, I'm quite pleased.
 Now, it's start of April (or will be tomorrow). This is when the bike riding really starts to gets going, I'm not going to make it to the show in Reading though, still have to fit a new reg rec on the fireblade, the weather forecast was not promising either. It won't be long before I get things back to normal anyway, which is why I decided to update this page. I'll let you know when I get the videos sorted, and give you the youtube address and link here as soon as I have anything worth to show.
 Think that's about it for now. Except to say hi and thanks to Sledhead custom bikes and wemoto who have helped me reaching those hit counts. Hope to hear from both of them soon.

 I added one new Fireblade page concerning the reg/rec the other day, the bikes running well, but needs a new set of head stock bearings, so I'll be doing those sometime soon. I've been looking at the last of the Confederate Motorcycles, they are rebranding under the Curtiss Motorcycles, and I've been looking at the new one. If I heard the information correctly, that will be one of the last machine powered with an internal combustion engine, before changing those for new electric machines. Check the C page on my A-2-Z for info. Both links are running near the top of the page for now.
 Later folks. Have fun if you can.

My last update was on 24th December 2017 when I published the photo's I took at the Motorcycle Live Show 2017
I did manage to do quite a lot last year when you look at things.
January, I went for a hunt for lost links, this took three months as I did England, Scotland and Wales. I formatted the whole of the web site to make it a bit easier for those who use smart phones too. I found hackers who were deleting some of my links, and changing my words in some places too. I then learned how to block them, changed my service provided, and re set my entrance pages, I learned what what was causing my problems with the links on my flaming logos, at the same time tightening the sites security by making the second static page, I added my photo's of myself this time too. I had not done so for the first ten years I have been running the web site, but I thought I had to this time as there were some claiming that it was their web site, not mine. I don't really like the ego part about this, but, read the bit after it says Have fun.. Then, I got on with some riding, and shows, I rode ton the Caldarium Egg run I got to Cassington, Ludgershall & The John Wheeler Bike night, which has moved, and it poured with rain, so not many turned up. I tried to do the Beerhounds pet run, but my timing was bad and I missed it, at least I turned up and had a beer with them.  I got to Brackley to do my usual at the Festival of Motorcycling, but the camera had broken. It took ages before I bought a new one. I did get the Fireblade through it's MoT, got the insurance sorted too. I rebuild the GPX engine and refitted it, but due to catching the flu, I didn't manage to refit the cooling system failings etc, but I will try to get that back on the road early this year. Talking of this year, I am going through some old pages sorting out some of the bad links there, then, I'll see about adding more photo's.
Have fun 
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Thought I'd mention the 1.5 million hits in the last 11 months or so., no lie from my webalizer stat reader. I don't know how namy use the site, but it is quite a few, it tells me roughly how many countries they come from too. it's global, 
(my hobby site. it is not a business' there is no advertizing, no phone line to place an order, the bank advised me not to put an account for anyone else to give me donations too, but there is an e mail address for you, si@dogdragons.com. or stores if you have a uk based, Irish based or New Zealand motorcycle business you want to list.)
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