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My page  January 2018
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My last update was on 24th December 2017 when I published the photo's I took at the Motorcycle Live Show 2017
I did manage to do quite a lot last year when you look at things.
January, I went for a hunt for lost links, this took three months as I did England, Scotland and Wales. I formatted the whole of the web site to make it a bit easier for those who use smart phones too. I found hackers who were deleting some of my links, and changing my words in some places too. I then learned how to block them, changed my service provided, and re set my entrance pages, I learned what what was causing my problems with the links on my flaming logos, at the same time tightening the sites security by making the second static page, I added my photo's of myself this time too. I had not done so for the first ten years I have been running the web site, but I thought I had to this time as there were some claiming that it was their web site, not mine. I don't really like the ego part about this, but, read the bit after it says Have fun.. Then, I got on with some riding, and shows, I rode ton the Caldarium Egg run I got to Cassington, Ludgershall & The John Wheeler Bike night, which has moved, and it poured with rain, so not many turned up. I tried to do the Beerhounds pet run, but my timing was bad and I missed it, at least I turned up and had a beer with them.  I got to Brackley to do my usual at the Festival of Motorcycling, but the camera had broken. It took ages before I bought a new one. I did get the Fireblade through it's MoT, got the insurance sorted too. I rebuild the GPX engine and refitted it, but due to catching the flu, I didn't manage to refit the cooling system failings etc, but I will try to get that back on the road early this year. Talking of this year, I am going through some old pages sorting out some of the bad links there, then, I'll see about adding more photo's.
Have fun 
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Thought I'd mention the 1.5 million hits in the last 11 months or so., no lie from my webalizer stat reader. I don't know how namy use the site, but it is quite a few, it tells me roughly how many countries they come from too. it's global, 
(my hobby site. it is not a business' there is no advertizing, no phone line to place an order, the bank advised me not to put an account for anyone else to give me donations too, but there is an e mail address for you, si@dogdragons.com. or stores if you have a uk based, Irish based or New Zealand motorcycle business you want to list.)
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