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My page March 2017
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 So far, this month, I've checked every link in my Welsh Directory, I've added about 200 photo's to Cassington 2013. I think I've changed a few other pages in my does section too. 
 I've been learning more about the web building too. Like how to find out when other people are getting into the site and changing thins, how to track them, how to ban them from the site, that sort of thing.
 I also found a couple more web analizer sites, I didn't know I have 2,000,000 pages read every week. Quite chuffed with that. I should also say hi to the 600 newcomers to the site this month (another thing I found in one of those web analizers)
 Maybe do more web work later this month, but after making all the changes  over the last three months, I really need a good long rest. I'll be checking on it a lot as I use the site myself when doing re search, or just browsing for fun.
 I should remind you all, I made this site on my own, I do not work for anyone, and no one works for me or the web site. It's been a one man show since 2001. in 2006, I did try to get things running to go pro, but things didn't work out, and there was a lass involved for about 6 weeks. but since then, it's just been me. I am still learning the ropes when it comes to tunning the admin side if the site. Remember, I'm a biker, not a computer expert or geek. I did notice that someone else had been making little changes to my site, closing some links. I know that the ftp part is responsible for access to computers who make upload, or download, I found 18 unaorthrized IP's in my ftp last month, all IP's have been blocked (I've blocked 22 thant I found onver the last 3 months, and three of four I found in there this month so far.). and any ip I find in there from on, will be also blocked. . I'm now running a scan on my web site checking for any virus' that might have been slipped in. I don't think I'll find many, if any a (all scans completed, not malware or virus' found I'm glad to say), it seems most have the log ins have been stealing my photo's. As you know, I own the copyright on those as I am the photographer as well as the mechanic, web site designer, editor, etc, etc, etc.
 I just went through all the links I had in my Scotish motorcycle directory, I don't think there were many changes, had to hunt for a few web sites where they had moved, a couple no longer have web sites, and a very few have gone forever.
Have fun 
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Thought I'd mention the 1.5 million hits in the last 11 months or so., no lie from my webalizer stat reader. I don't know how namy use the site, but it is quite a few, it tells me roughly how many countries they come from too. it's global, 

(my hobby site. it is not a business' there is no advertizing, no phone line to place an order, the bank advised me not to put an account for anyone else to give me donations too, but there is an e mail address for you, si@dogdragons.com. or stores if you have a uk based, Irish based or New Zealand motorcycle business you want to list.)

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