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My page June-July2017
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Sorry about the delay, but I've been trying to track and stop the few remaining hackers who still managed to get in, with some success. I've still not got the sound working on the web cam so no video blogs as yet either.What I have done in the meanwhile, well, see below.
 I have paid for the bills for the site for another year
 I've have been to Cassington this year and published all the photo's, I've updated the Honda pages, the Yamaha page, & the Suzuki page. Fixed the Vincent page and added some more pages to it too. I have also fixed a few other dead links where the hacker(s) has been taking out the links. I hope he gives up  soon.
 I've also added a new Moto-Morini page too, that's at least 900 file transfers in the last four days, soI'm taking the rest of the weekend off resting and getting ready for Ludgershall Bike Night, which is on Monday
 I managed to get to the show. The weather looked doubtful most of the day, but as soon as I decided to go anyway, the sun shone. We had sunshine for most of the show and no rain at least. I took about 220 photo's and have chesen 18 models to show. These are models are mainly new for my A-2-Z rather being the best that thare there, but I did manage to get a couple of the Vintage too. Space was shore, which hampered me getting good photo's of many of the machines I'd liked to have  too. 
 Tuesday was spent doing research on a few of the machines from Mondays shoot, filing all the machines, adding logos' resizing and turning some photo's around to get them at their best, usual stuff, very boring and time consuming, but had to be done if I  want them to look good as well as having some info.
 Wednesday I published half of the pages from the show. Today (Friday) I finished the galleries from Ludgershall and I'll be adding a few of those into the A-2-Z later. Then I'll see if I can add the tyre company I met at Cassington to my directories if I find time.
 Next show is the John Wheeler Bike night, which we used to have at West Hagbourne, I'll have to find the new venue but I already most of you out there already know. So not to panic (especially as I know there will e sending anyone else turning up as West Hagbourne and telling you where the new venue is (hope that's true).
  Sorry I didn't update my page as soon as I should have. I did get to the John Wheeler Bike Night. It  was raining, so not many showed up. I can't blame them really. I got soaked. Anyway, I did publish the few photo's I took whilst there. I have also found a better  Global Suzuki web site, so I've changed the link on my A-2-Z. Also whilst looking for info on the little 1933 Alcyon, I found an Alcyon page. I have added that too I am sure it is built the people who built the French web site I have mentioned there, but the main site dissapeared a long time ago. I hope it is them as they did a lot of research in the early days.  I'll have to do some digging and see if he has more than just Alcyon web pages.. If I find them, I'll add them too.
 At the moment, I'm adding Protyre shops to my English Directory... all 25 shops that deal with the bike stuff. It's boring stuff, but I'll get there, only another 22 left to do... 
 I've no added all the protyre shops to the directories, and split my Avon (North Somerset) to give the Brisol business' their own page. I noticed the Swansea Protyre shop is not yet listed. I know I found no bike shops on any lists when I built the directory back in '98, and the're are a few more now. I'll add them in a while. For now, I have a little more spannering to do on a neighbours machine.
Catch up with a lot of you later I guess.
 I did make it to this years Fetival of Motorcycles, but the camera failed. I've not replaced it yet as yet, but I will do so later this year, in time for the NEC shows I hope.
 Until then, I'm taking it easy and checking my history books as I am sure there are many errors in the Vikings series. I'll publish those officially later. 
Have fun 
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Thought I'd mention the 1.5 million hits in the last 11 months or so., no lie from my webalizer stat reader. I don't know how namy use the site, but it is quite a few, it tells me roughly how many countries they come from too. it's global, 
(my hobby site. it is not a business' there is no advertizing, no phone line to place an order, the bank advised me not to put an account for anyone else to give me donations too, but there is an e mail address for you, si@dogdragons.com. or stores if you have a uk based, Irish based or New Zealand motorcycle business you want to list.)
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