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My page April 2017
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Most of the time you'll find me in the little alcove where the computers are.
I had chosen the colour scheme from Babalon 5, a Sci-Fi show that was running at the time. I read later that blue is a healing colour according to some, so not a bad chooice if you're into that sort of thing

 The indoor workshop, usually full of motorbike parts, but, for now...

My hallway, as was.. got that done now (just a couple of quick fixes to do there)

Fresh paint, and painted the doors and skitrting boards white, it makes it look a bit brighter now at least

A bit of chaos ... I hope to have it all back to "normal" by Friday

So far, 1st coat, in the living/computer room. (25th April). I'll back at it as soon as I have posted this (so you'll have to wait for the garden photo's
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