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World of motorcycleS
S1 Publishing(Oxford)© 2005-06
Dogdragons Private Library.
The Motor Cycle 10 magazines from 16/04/53 to 05/08/54 Yep, 1954!
(If I'm right copyright has run out on these, so I can use photo's etc, Thanx neighbour, best gift of the year that)
 Now got most of 1955s copies too!
On Your Bike Marshal-Cavendish
all 7 Volumes, comments by
Uncle Bunt on how to builds chop frames etc.
 Toby Moodey (Commantator at Moto GP for Eurosport) and more.
Jampot Magazine The A.J.S. & Mathcless Official Owners Club
Site - www.jampot.com
Nacelle Magazine The Official Trumph Owners club magazine
Site -www.tomcc.demon.co.uk/
MPH Magazine The Official Owners club Magazine for Vincent HRD Owners
Site - www.voc.uk.com/
The Star BSA Owners Official Magazine
Site -www.bsaoc.demon.co.uk
Other Magizines I've got for Info (beside the web)
The Classic Motorcycle Site - www.classicmotorcycle.co.uk/
Classic Bike magazine Site - can't find, but got contacts for
Custom Mag
 I read most copies from 77-80, that was when I was groing up.
Site - www.easyriders.com/
Back Street Heroes
 Custom Mag
I had the first 3years when this mag came out. 
It doesn't matter how many copies of this I got, I remember Maz and his writings, I met him once back in '86 and liked the man (now on the eternal run)
Site - www.backstreetheroes.com
Two Wheels Only Supersport style magazine with good info and model write-ups etc.
Site - www.two.tv/
Bike Magazine All round Bike Magazine
Site -www.bikemagazine.co.uk/
Ride Magazine Site - www.ridetriangles.com
Streetfighter Magazine Site - www.streetfightersmag.com/
Superbike Magazine what it says on the tin....
Site - www.superbike.co.uk

Wild At Heart  By Martin Norris (1988)
Motor Cycling Racing By Peter Carrack ((1969)
Performance Tuning in theory & Practace (four strokes) By A. Graham Bell (1981)
The Enclylopdia Of Motorcycles By Rowland Brown
British Motorcycles since 1900 By Paul Collins (1998)
Velocette 1905 to1971
an illustrated reference
By Dave Masters (1976)
History of Motorcycles Mick Walker (1997)
The Ducati Story
(second editon '97)
By Ian Fallonn
A.J.S & Matcless Gold Portolio 1945-1966 Brooklands Books
Honda CBB750 sohc super profile By Pete Shoemark
handy, but I know that engine well anyway, had stage 2 kits and yoshimora converts on a couple of mine
The Ultimate Motorcycle book Hugo WIlson in association with the National Motorcycle Museum

not to forget MCN and Bike Trader

Now, to pay to subscribe for all of these publications, it would cost me a lot, and I'd have not have time to read all of them even if I could afford them, so only a few have been donated to the project, but trust me, those I have have a lot of information.

I also have the right connections to get you manuals that you might find else.
Check some of the manufacturers on the A-2-Z, and some of the old classic  lads n lass' have put there own, for many I have links saved on several computers to get copies if needed, I'm not sure if all of them are legal so I've not published their links.
 I know where to get some plenty of manuals for lots of  Vintage British bikes, so just e mail if you need. These are not too expensive!