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 The web site was designed for computers back in '98 after  suffering a few major injuries, and had been told I'd never be able to ride a bike again, I decided to make the site so I could stay intouch with the bike scene, and, because there ware no other web site like mine (we did a lot of research on that back then)  so I starting building the "bikersshed. com" I renamed "dogdragons  scrapbook" in 2001, and then renamed it "dogdragons world of motorcycles" in 2002 as it got a bit too big for a scrapbook. I was using Freeuk.net until 2006, when, it got too big to fit in the they allowed for a free website, and they would not allow links to the bike companies, I had typed in the address, so you could copy and paste them into your browser to get around that problem. I moved to UK2.Net. That was 2006. Since 2006, I have added active links, and, checked every link personally. The smartphone companies had also set up their software to recognize phone numbers, so, from that moment onwards, it became a smartphone ap. Even if I didn't know it at the time. Many people thought it didn't work, but, as the photo to the right shows, they just forgot to turn their phones 90 degrees. 

 There are no ads, no trackers, I do not ask for card details, and I do not keep records of any of the owners of the machines featured in the website. So. Even though it comes up as an unsecured site on Google, it is 100% safe.
 I used to teach Motocross and bike maintenance to kids, and, as I wanted the kids to be able to use the site, there is no swearing of porn of any kind. Only nipples you'll find are bleed niples and  Spoke nipples.

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World of motorcycleS

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This site is about motorcycles, and should be 100% safe for your kids.
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