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 The web site was designed for computers back in '98 after  suffering a few major injuries, and had been told I'd never be able to ride a bike again, I decided to make the site so I could stay intouch with the bike scene, and, because there ware no other web site like mine (we did a lot of research on that back then)  so I starting building the "bikersshed. com" I renamed "dogdragons  scrapbook" in 2001, and then renamed it "dogdragons world of motorcycles" in 2002 as it got a bit too big for a scrapbook. I was using Freeuk.net until 2006, when, it got too big to fit in the they allowed for a free website, and they would not allow links to the bike companies, I had typed in the address, so you could copy and paste them into your browser to get around that problem. I moved to UK2.Net. That was 2006. Since 2006, I have added active links, and, checked every link personally. The smartphone companies had also set up their software to recognize phone numbers, so, from that moment onwards, it became a smartphone ap. Even if I didn't know it at the time. Many people thought it didn't work, but, as the photo to the right shows, they just forgot to turn their phones 90 degrees. 

 There are no ads, no trackers, I do not ask for card details, and I do not keep records of any of the owners of the machines featured in the website. So. Even though it comes up as an unsecured site on Google, it is 100% safe.
 I used to teach Motocross and bike maintenance to kids, and, as I wanted the kids to be able to use the site, there is no swearing of porn of any kind. Only nipples you'll find are bleed niples and  Spoke nipples.

"The Management" at dogdrgons.com

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Si Dogdragon 2023, no beard these days. Got fed up eating it with every meal 
it was also pushed into my eyes ubside the full face crash helmet while riding too. 

 It has been some time since I updated this website. I did add a couple of pages concerning my Fireblade pages, but not much else. I just had had enough and needed a very long break. Not only did that covid stuff stop all the bike shows, and all the slander I was getting, but I got diagnosed  with COPD on top.. Nothing they can do about that. They it was smoking gave me that, maybe, but could be all the asbestos they put into our schools our hospitals, and homes, living rough sleeping on the ground in the damp, living in plavces with black mould on the walls, breathing loads of diesel fumes in warehouses for up to 12 hours a shift... between all those things, it is not that surprising really. I did the NEC last year, and Cassington, the photo's didn't turn out very well though, guess I was out of practice. I also had a problem getting back on to log in to my hosting computer. They have been bought out, and they changed a lot of things. Anyway, I got through all of that, and can finally get on and do some more. It won't be like I used to do though. I just can't do as much as I used to. It was bad enough when it was just the pain from the knackered body of mine, add the breathing ptoblems.. so not that easy for me anymore. I am still riding the bike, even if someone tried yet again tried to make me lose my licence on medical grounds when they saw behind my eye during a opticians appointment. So I had to make an appointment to my neurosurgion. . He cleared me to ride anyway as the head injury was a few years before I took the bike test.  As I said, life has been a bit hard on me sometimes, but as usual I survived. 
 So where am I going to start? I guess making some of the lists bigger and wider as many of you are using smart phones rather than computers to access the site. I will say that isn't too hard for me to do, but it makes it look really naff when looking at it on the big screen. It makes it look like it was built for 5 year olds who are trying to read, but whatever. I couold make another version just for computers and another for smartphones, but that would take too long and I don't really want to waste my time on that. I have other things to do beside the website. I am still working on that GPX 750 and I'll be adding quite a lot of pages concerning that, I also have a plan to refurb the bike shed so I can keep it warmer in the winter so I can spanner more in the cold. I can't as it is, my fingers just don't work and they hurt too much to do anything  in the cold. I have already put a lot of small solar panels on the roof of the shed, and all the lighting from there comes from that, I also bought a Jackery and more cordless power tools, so the solar and 12V batteries charge the Jackery and the Jackery charges the power tool batteries saving money.The workshop has a few upgrades too. Much more hanging on the walls. So even if you haven't seen much change in here, I haven't been that idle. 

S. Broberg AKA Si Dogdragon
Owner, builder, designer, photographer, mechanic, cameraman, editor,CEO cleaner, tea boy.

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