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  So far this month, I'v gone through the Brackley files, I have put all the ones I have published do far onto Version 3, bigger photo's where I could, and flaming logos that take you back to the lobby/foyer or what you want to call it. I will try to get the whole site to that level a bit at a time. You might have noticed that it is faster where I have lessened the amount of pages in each page, hopefuly, they work faster and better on you smart phones. I have not had a smart phone to try thrm for myself yet, but, I have plans to do so.
 Other plans for the month, The Bristol show if I can, not sure at the moment. 
 A video clip on how to use smart phones for those who don't know. I a surprised at some who did not realize you can turn them 90 degrees,, but there you go.
 I'm trying to get another video cam so I can transfer the 20 hours of video and stills from 1999- 2009. into a computer. I also hope to find my video editing suite too, or I'll try to buy another, newer version. I also have sent off two of my old comuters to a friend to see if I can get a back up computer to make the site too, I have had several attacks made on my other computer, and guess they (who ever they are) will try to have a go at this one too, not the first time around, I'm just better prepared this time.
 Another video blog too, which I'll probaly Next week, if I can think good to say  that is.
 Didn't make it to the show, sad to say. I spent the day trying to get video software, testing it too. Some progress made, but not as much as I'd hoped. 
 Today I was testing my new version of my very old '98 page for Oxfordshire (hit refresh if you have been there before). Thought as bit of a thumbar for the smart phones might be easier with theat, and a bit of space between boxes, to make it easier to chose web site or phone from the box below. Some of us have stubby fingers, and might press two at once I thought. Hope it is easier now. I also went the through the links, sorry I can't guateanteee the phone numbers are correct, but at least the links go to the motorcycles now. I think I'll have to remove the links on mt flaming custom bikes logo and add a link to that page somewhere else to make it a bit betteeasier. Hard to test something when I do not have a similar device on to test my theories on.
 Took a chance, used the new format to change all the South West of England pages, The North East England Pages and The North West England pages. I have two pages in the North of England where I will have to check to see which web sites are still running. 
I did notice many had chaged web address' and found the newones where I could. 
 More updates on the directories today, West Yorkshire & Lancashire got updated versions and the links checked, as did Berkshire
 Oh and one or two deletions from the Custom index yesterday night too, asfter reading my e mails from stores@dogdragons.com (if you get bounced, have a word with your postmaster, the mail address has been active for 10 years now,) Time for a beer run before getting the curry in the microwave to nuke dinner (no chance of cooking a proper meal tonight, but at least I'll have eaten      Now South East.England motorcycle business' links should be working ... I did Bedfordshire today too. Off for beer & roast chinken dinner. I'll start on the rest of my Midlands list soon.
 Midlands Motorcycle dealers, accesseries, mechanics etc is nearly done now (hit refresh if you see Cheshire, Cambridgeshire on the list), Think it's just West Midlands, Staffordshire and Wrcester needing the Version 3 (and the IoM), before I tackle Wales again. Oh and don't forget to hit refresh on the county pages too, if you have been there before.
 Sat here with a congnac coffee and taking it eary. I might take a couple of days off now, all the motrorcycle pages I have for England are done.
 Felt better after a little rest, I did update all the motorcycle sports with new links, and updated the  Road Racing pages with this years dates (just the road races, not the curcuit ones, for those check the other links there), and I have also updated the West Hagbourne pages too (you might have to refresh my venues list if you don't get the new one)... I added another 15 machines to it in the 2013 galleries, as well making another page for the V twin New Imperial. Time for another rest.
Have fun 
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Thought I'd mention the 1.5 million hits in the last 11 months or so., no lie from my webalizer stat reader. I don't know how namy use the site, but it is quite a few, it tells me roughly how many countries they come from too. it's global, 

(my hobby site. it is not a business' there is no advertizing, no phone line to place an order, the bank advised me not to put an account for anyone else to give me donations too, but there is an e mail address for you, si@dogdragons.com. or stores if you have a uk based, Irish based or New Zealand motorcycle business you want to list.)

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