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World of motorcycleS
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Dogdragon Does..... a few photo's fron Elvington' airfield '09
The attepts on the worlds record for the fastest wheelie 
a 1 mile run was beaten the day after I took these (by a woman)
If you want to know more check:
They came past me so fast it was hard to get good shots, but never mind.
I did take a few photo's of a few of the bikes attempting the record. 
Not many (due due to the cameraand battery power), 
as most of the bikes were near standard,
the real trickery is in the engines where it's hidden in many cases. 
I did like one of the turbos I saw though.

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There was a space set up for riders to practice being the next Craig Jones. I've got to say some of these riders show a lot of promise.
T here was one beutiful Harley Davidson trike which has a transverse engine, and by the look of it, automatic gearbox (and matching caravan!)
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Another problem I found, besides the  camera playing me around,.... when taking stills from the display screen... you lose the info...oh well I was there for fun and I'm not trying to be a reporter, lol. at least the photo's from Brackley look ok