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S1 Publishing(Oxford)© 2009
Dogdragon Does.....Cassington bike day '09.
On any normal day, Cassington is a very quiet little village.
But once a year, for one day only, the place is alive with most types of motorcycles. 
Here's a taste of what saw at Cassington this year.This year was the biggest I'd seen.
 I have done my best to get profiles of the bikes, but in a few cases the bikes were so tightly packed together it was impossable.
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Ariel A.H.A.

Brough Superior

Francis Barnett





New Imperial

Norton Navigator De-Luxe

P&M Panther

Norton Ranger

Velocette Venom

My old Yamaha Seca II ( U.S. version of the diversion) at The Red Lion - Cassington
(The rest ended in the A-2-Z)