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S1 Publishing(Oxford)© 1999-07
 Dogdragon Does.....Cassington bike day. 2007
(aI have been through my archives and I have found the old photo's too - 2017
Here are just a few piccies I took on the Cassington Bike Day 07.  I will say that there were more very nice machines, which I didn't get the chance to photograph. If you owned one of those machines and you are wondering why they didn't make it into the site, all I can say is, I'm sorry, but there were a lot of poople there and by the evening it was impossable to get clear shots. Maybe next year (if you turn up early)
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Beardsmore Precision

Norton Commando Cafe racer

Triumph twenty-one

Egli Vincent

Standard Commando

Panther 350

Triumph Trophy

Honda 750 four K


Well, that's it for the photo's photo's. I have only used the best photo's and some of the best machines didn't make it on this years pagem. To the owner of the red BSA A10- R, for Rocket, I must apolagize, nice machine you have, but my photo's of your machine didn't come out well enough to publish.

The Red Lion - Cassington
On any mormal day, Cassington is a very quiet little village.
But once a year, for one day only, the place is alive with most types of motorcycles.