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Brackley Festival of Motorcycles 2010
  The second  time this event has happen. I misseda few stalls I'm sure, and some of the photo's will not get used. but, I'll pick the best of my photo's. 
 First time round I'll not  say which I like the best. I can say that it will be nearly impossable to pick "the best" Some might have to share respect I have for the designers & builders
 Anyway back to the piccies, I took just over 300 five or take. the averadge is 10 photo's per machine.
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The bike park was filling up as I got there
Me on the VTR
Brackley festival of motorcycling
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My Photo's from
Brackley 2009
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Brute Force


Sooty's Mega Monsta

Blue Pheonix


Heavens Door

More skulls

Golden Norton

Chromed Bonnie
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