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orange county choppers
Yep there are new ones (25-07-2010)
To me the customized motorcycle is the pinnacle of all art forms, not just in the amazing paint work, but in the sculpture, and sound too, to me the sound of a large V-twin, is music to the ear. Better than that, they are still usable, I for one used to ride my old XS 650cc hard tail,  bored to 887 (2 SR500 pistons and sleeves gives you that particular bore size when used in the XS engine, think it used SR con-rod too, but I'm not totaly sure on that), black, and a bit of a "rat" though it was, everyday to and from work. I origionaly built it for friend, I bought the frame already chopped, and another friend did the wiring, I found the engine which I bought from one of the "scrambler" lads, who used to race it with a sidecar.  and between us we put it together, and on the road. I did end up owning it eventualy.
 In the early days of customizing motorcycles, there very few well known pioneers. In Britain there was Uncle Bunt who had his showroom and workshop in Didcot in Oxfordshire, some of my older friends used to use his shop on occaision, but I only remember walking past it as a little one (junior gribling as we used to say). I have been told built the original choppers for the biker cult classic movie "Easy Rider", and Arlen Ness, in the U.S.A., who's shop  is still running, Arlen Customized his first bike in '67 and started his shop the next year. If you need advice, check: www.chopperbuilder.co.uk
 These days there two main types of customized motorcycles, Street fighters being the newest began, in Britain at least, due to new laws on "chopping" motorcycle frames, I think it was '86 was the last time we were allowed to really play with the frames. This is the main reason Street fighters have standard frames. So both those and the origional type "choppers" will be featured here. Well they will be when I get more time, and better piccies of some, If your into Streetfighters, or have one and you want to join a uk based streetfighter club, check www.streetfightersclub.co.uk/
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