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1923 Sirrah Lightweight
(Alfred Wiseman and Co of Birmingham)
292cc two stroke  2.75HP

Sirrah were motorcycles produced from 1921 to 1925.
    1921 The Sirrah was brought out as the cheaper, lightweight version of the Verus, fitted with a 292cc two-stroke Union engine, 
two-speed Burman gearbox in solo or sidecar forms.
    The range expanded quickly and included models with a wide range of capacities: from Blackburne; JAP; Bradshaw; Barr and Stroud; and Wiseman.All had Burman gearboxes and the frames and forks were conventional.
1923 Late in the year they adopted a new universal frame for all models with the tubing formed to avoid all but one joint, which was welded rather than brazed and lugged.
    1925 Production came to a close
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