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1896. The Riley Cycle Company was registered on 25 June, to acquire the business of the Bonnick Cycle Co. This was instigated by William Riley, (Junior). Herbert John Riley and his brother-in-law Basil Riley also joined the business along with William's sons Victor Riley, Allan Riley and Percy Riley. Stanley Riley and Cecil Riley joined in 1898. Percy and Stanley took the lead in developing motorised transport.
He retained the services of Arthur Bonnick as Works Manager and E. J. Bakewell as Sales Manager at King Street.
1899 The firm had started to produce tricycles and quadricycles using 2.25hp MMC engines both of which went behind the rear axle and, according to the type, one or two front wheels were fitted.
1900 At about this time engines were changed to a 2.75hp or a 3.5hp MMC.

1901 The first motorcycle appeared as a typically primitive solo fitted with a 1.5hp Minerva or a 2.75hp MMC engine.

1902 A forecar design was added to the range.
1903 During the year a further option was added in the form of a 3.5hp MMC engine. The solos were advertised as the Moto-Bi. Late that year, Riley started fitting their own engines in the vertical mounting position, but still kept the Moto-Bi name. Engine sizes were 2.25-hp, 3-hp and 3.5-hp. The largest of those was intended for forecar use, with the option of water- or fan-cooling, and both forecars and sidecars were included in the range.
 Percy Riley began the Riley Engine Co, also in Coventry.
1903 MMC Royal Riley Moto-Bi
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1904 The forecar was revised that year.

1905 A further forecar was added to the range.

1906 A fairly heavy machine appeared, fitted with a 6-hp, 804cc V-twin engine, but early in the year the production of motorcycles stopped and the company turned its attention firstly to tricars and then to motorcars.

1912 Spennell's lists them at St. Nicholas Street, Coventry (Wire, Kite; Tel. 216) and as manufacturers of motorcycles.
 The Riley Cycle Company changed its name to Riley (Coventry) Limited as William Riley focused it on becoming a wheel supplier for the burgeoning motor industry, the detachable wheel having been invented (and patented) by Percy and distributed to over 180 motor manufacturers.
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