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250 ? Guiller 1949 
 Needs a bit of work this one, maybe oneday.... either way these is the photo I've got for these machines
 Anyone made a decent site for these machines, please let me know.
These photographs were taken by me on 28/11/00 whilst visiting an ex copper who loves in Swindon Wilts bikes

As you can see from these photos are that it has a hard tail  or ridged rear frame, all suspension you have its from the sping in the saddle. It has a hand gear change lever, not foot like new machines.
 It even has a large cog on the front wheel which was one of the earliest types of speedo.
 Sorry I didn't get better photos realy.

It seems that the AMC engine might have made in  France, but it looks like it was not the origional engine for the bike

The piston and barels are fine, the gearbox is fine, but part of the gear change mechanazition is missing.
Lack of funding to pay for parts for this machine stopped play.