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Dogdragons Specials:
F.L.M. - J.A.P.  Glideride

This Photo and information from "The Motor Cycle" 23rd October 1952
 The frame is of channel-section tubing, and it incorperates pivoted-fork rear springing. The tubular rear fork is connected by main and compensating springs located horizontally beneath the engine-gear unit. The springs are designed to be adequuate for pillion work, but stronger springs can be fitted if desired. A dual-seat and pillion footrests are included in the standard equipment
 The front fork is of staightfordward telescopic design employingcoil springs for depression and a simple form of hydraulic damping for rebound control.
 The power unit is the 125cc J.A.P. engine which has a three speed gear box in unit.
 It was produced by Frank Leach Manufacturing, Manoi Woks, Headingley, Leeds.