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Dogdragon s Douglas Photo's.
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1913 Model O  350cc

1914 350cc

EW 350 cc 1928

not sure about this one

or this one


Douglas Vespa

The Douglas company was started in 1882, not making motorcycles, but making tools for making boots. It's first motorcycle was built in 1907, in Bristol. The first engines were flat twins, the head and barrels were set racing front and rear (see photo above right). They had a two speed box, and the lever was set on top of the tank (you can just see it on the top photo) giving them the nickname of the tram driver..
They enjoyed quite a lot of success in racing too, before 1914, when they, like many manufacturers at the time were asked to make things other than motorcycles. They re-started again in 1920, thier machines used in the war were returned and were refurbed with finned heads.
 They had a lot of success with in the Speedway circuits which was in it's infancy at the time. 
The firm was sold in 1931, but still made motorcycles untill 1957,
even if by 1951, they had been reduced to making Vespas under license.
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