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Cedos Motors of Northampton1919 to 1929.
 The name came from the founders, two brothers Cedric and Oscar Hanwell.
 Just after the end of World War I, the company entered the market with ladies' and gents' lightweight motorcycles powered by their own 211cc two-stroke engine. Both models had a chain-driven, two-speed gearbox and belt final-drive. The ladies' model had an open frame and both had to be push-started.
 In 1921 They added a 257cc model, again in both ladies' and gents' versions.
 In 1922 to 1923 only the 250cc versions were produced & the company went into liquidation, then was restructured. 
 From 1924 to 1928 they started using other manufacturers for engines including Blackburne, Bradshaw and JAP
 The Company was wound up 1929

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