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ALCYON 1904-1953
81 Avenue de la Grande Armée
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Rue J.P. Timbaud
Courbevoie (seine)

The Paris-built Alcyon make introduced its first model in 1904, and soon after won a reputation for their motorcycles. 
1904 the factory assembled its first motorcycle. It was equipped with a Swiss Zédel engine, from the firm of Zurcher & Luthi in St. Aubin. 
In 1906 a Zédel factory was opened in la Ferriere sur Jougne in France and one year later the Swiss factory closed. 
Soon after that  the French Zedel factory was  brought under the complete control of Alcyon. 
Subsequently most Alcyon motorcycles would be equipped with Zédel or Zurcher engines. 
1925 only JAP engines were used.
In the early twenties several makes were taken over, such as Labor, Theomann, Française  Diamant and Olympique. 
After 1945 mostly light motorcycles, scooters and mopeds were produced till the giant Peugeot took over in 1954. 
Information: Yesterdays.nl, Edited by si dogdragon

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